tree's world 7 days to die
Tree's World 

7 Days to Die Community

Created by Canadians     Hosted by BlueFang out of New York

For definitions and more description, please take a look at our Rules in full.

#1. Act maturely; no drama.

#2. No abuse of flawed game mechanics, etc.

#3. No Griefing.

#4. No direct hate-speech.

#5. No placing landclaims or maliciously destroying buildings within City-Limits! 

#6. No damaging Admin-Builds.  

#7. Be respectful of the owner/admins. 

Breaking any of the rules will result in varying punishment deemed fit by admins. 
If you ever wish to contest a ban, or have any questions, feel free to send us an email.

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Teal-Zone & Spawn
Teal-Zone & Spawn

Admin Owned Teal Area & Purple /Spawn Area - Entire Area Resets Bi-Weekly, No Claiming within the Area.

Tree's World | 16.3
Tree's World | 16.3

This is the closest zoom and best rendition of a worldmap you will ever find here.

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TS3:  -  Pass: 420ofcourse