Server IP:    Port: 20056

Pass: 420ofcourse 

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Breakdowns & Basics

Everything you ought to know about the server

Apr 5, 2018

Version: Alpha 16.1 We've made 5 Classes for you to choose from! Upon entering the game for the first time, you will have an item in your belt that you will use in order to craft ONE of the beginner
Feb 15, 2017

Available In-Game /Commands Zcoin /Shop /Vote Rewards Vote daily to show your support, and to keep new players joining, the points you accumulate for yourself are just icing on the cake :) Envul (2
Jan 26, 2017

When you first create your account, Your name will auto-default as the name you have associated with your e-mail and your profile will be a blank canvas. Let us all know a little bit about you! First,
Feb 14, 2017

Weekly system has been removed , all custom schematics (excluding rare drops) are now available to craft 24/7! G'luck Survivors! → Week1 ← WarSpear G
Nov 7, 2017

Rules #1. Act maturely; no drama. Some servers say “ 18+, 21+ ”, we are not a liquor store, we don’t care how old you are. If you act maturely, speak in full sentences and hold some level of civility
Feb 14, 2017

Pine/Maple Forest(s) biome Iron, Coal, Copper, Lead, Oil Shale Burnt Forest Biome Iron, Coal, Copper, Lead Plains Biome Iron, Coal, Copper, Lead, Potassium Nitrate Desser
Sep 2, 2017

Several people have been asking lately, so we figured we'd just post things here. Current monthly running costs in USD: 40 Slot 7 Days Server w/ Bluefang (incl discount) - $35.00