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Feb 14, 2017

Ore Distribution by Biome


Pine/Maple Forest(s) biome Iron, Coal, Copper, Lead, Oil Shale

Burnt Forest Biome Iron, Coal, Copper, Lead

Plains Biome Iron, Coal, Copper, Lead, Potassium Nitrate

Dessert Biome Iron, Coal, Copper, Oil Shale

Wastelands Biome Iron, Coal, Copper, Potassium Nitrate


Snow Biome

Iron, Coal, Copper, Potassium Nitrate

New Posts
  • Rules #1. Act maturely; no drama. Some servers say “ 18+, 21+ ”, we are not a liquor store, we don’t care how old you are. If you act maturely, speak in full sentences and hold some level of civility and respect for your fellow players, this is the majority of what we ask. #2. No Abuse of Flawed Game Mechanics etc We do not permit the following, but this list not all-encompassing: Duping , in any manner “Hatch Ladders” - These are easily abused in PvP. First offence: We will remove a large area of your base surrounding the ladder, deleting anything nearby. Second offence: Ban Abuse of broken physics , making large builds float Floating bases/builds - inverted plates to give the illusion of being disconnected Multiple name changes - You may change infrequently, but you cannot lie about who you are to rivals and other players. VPNs or IP bouncing #3. No Griefing. No extensive camping of packs or harassment of players - Max is 3 kills of a specific player in the same location within a short period of time. Feel free to camp out near a base and wait for the perfect kill, just don’t kill more than 3 consecutive times. This also extends to ingame text and voice chat, it’s fine to have a heated discussion but know when to draw the line and let things go. If you have any complaints about a player, please send us an email with your concerns and don’t drag things out in public. #4. No direct hate-speech. We're not "pc" and laugh at a lot of s**t, but any ranting, steamnames or comments that are directly racist with hateful intent will not be tolerated. #5. No placing landclaims or maliciously destroying buildings within City-Limits! Within a city, building without claims is accepted. If you wish to claim a poi, make sure it's on a gravel path and not surrounded by asphalt. Claiming is also off-limits in biomes that appear as Teal ( resets ), Purple ( resets and is pvp free ), or Orange/Yellow ( wastelands ) on your map. Also, destroying loot containers in ANY build that you do not intent to claim and live in, is fully against the rules and is a bannable offence. #6. No damaging Admin-Builds. Areas claimed by admins will populate their own set of rules in chat upon entering the zone. Malicious destruction of these areas will anger the gods and they will bring wrath down upon you. These areas are also off-limits on hordenights. #7. Be respectful of the owner/admins. Respect each other and the community. A bit of animosity is fine but as long as you agree to disagree we will all get along. Breaking any of the rules will result in varying punishment deemed fit by admins. If you ever wish to contest a ban, or have any questions, feel free to send us an email. Principles & Practices Tree ≅ Jessi, Jessi ≅ Tree - We run the server together and don’t appreciate players trying to ‘play’ one against the other. If you encounter any serious issues with a player or the game, contact us. We’re always available by email, , as well as often being in TeamSpeak or in Steam. Looking for help about an issue in gamechat is of course encouraged, but if you can’t find a resolution, please bring the issue to us. Players who complain excessively in gamechat when there are many other means of contacting us will often not receive the help they seek and this behaviour is highly unappreciated. We don’t replace items that there is no proof of had having had existed. Ie: Lost backpacks, lost minibikes, broken chests. If you lose any items to a gamebug, and either still have the broken item, or have captured footage of the items disappearing, only in this case will any items ever be replaced. All LandDrops are to be 10x10x10 at maximum. If you dig so much the ground collapses or causes physics issues on the server, the area will be deleted and anything near the issue will be wiped in the progress. No one person’s base can take priority over the servers’ performance as a whole. Use minibikes at your own discretion. We will not find them for you, or replace them or the items in the basket if and when they go missing. If you’re unable to find it, we will not return it to you, but please give us the coordinates so that we may retrieve it later so that it does not cause any server performance issues. InGame Chat is for Everyone. We totally encourage everyone to use global chat, but if you make a friend and start to flood other people out of chat because you don’t have a mic, we ask that you use an auxiliary program like Steam to communicate with one another.
  • Several people have been asking lately, so we figured we'd just post things here. Current monthly running costs in USD: 40 Slot 7 Days Server w/ Bluefang (incl discount) - $35.00 Teamspeak - $6.30 CBSM (Your ingame commands) - $6.99 The running costs of the website and domain are on us and we choose not to share them, it's something we want to provide for the community and thus to not pull payments for it from the server's PayPal. On that note, donations are welcome. We are not a pay-to-win server, and as such we don't give out things like 'donor packages' as some other servers may choose to do. As a small thank you to people who donate $5+ we do apply a small "+25% zcoins on zkills for" for a month. So you'll get 6.25 coins per kill, instead of 5. For anyone interested, just click the banner in the top left to go back to the homepage and there is a donation box near the bottom left.
  • Available In-Game /Commands Zcoin /Shop /Vote Rewards Vote daily to show your support, and to keep new players joining, the points you accumulate for yourself are just icing on the cake :) Envul (24 hr cooldown) - for Vote-Points 7daystodieservers (Midnight EST Reset) - for Monthly Top Prizes [prizes & winners, here ] Also Super Useful Basics and tips on how to build , block integrity - changes since previous alphas explained.