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Pass: 420ofcourse 

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Conan Exiles

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Mar 9, 2017

Done New IP : PW: See Here Will happen sometime between Now & March 22nd, 48hr from now. The server will be offline for a short period, and when it comes back, everything wi
Feb 21, 2017

You must be part of the community if you wish to play on this server. IP - Password - Place a comment below to show you've got an active forums account, then shoot an e
Mar 23, 2017

Dye Systems, New Armour, New Weapons & More!
Feb 23, 2017

This is from when we first found the spot for our current base. We saw this and were like "I could wake up and look at this every morning" FUCKING EH! lol.
Feb 12, 2017

→ Who all Would want to play ConanExiles? ← We've been running a year now, ok, in a week we will have; and we've NO intentions of stopping our 7days server anytime soon. We're thinking about buying Co
Feb 22, 2017

Questions? Want to shoot the shit about server settings etc? Post Below
Apr 12, 2017

Steam Sale Ends April 14th, 10am PDT
Mar 6, 2017

& All the reasons why this game is better than Ark. ;p [Sorry for the background noise, struggle though it, what they have to say is worth struggling through the cruddy sound quality]
Feb 16, 2017

This info will be probably be outdated in patches to come!