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Feb 19, 2017

Such an Epic View from our Base.



This is from when we first found the spot for our current base. We saw this and were like "I could wake up and look at this every morning" FUCKING EH! lol.

Feb 19, 2017



Bah I tried to upload 3 pics from my base and it kept the please wait thingy

Feb 23, 2017

It's starting to take shape ^.^



And to Ed, I've never had that problem; but maybe just try refreshing, or in a different browser? G'luck, hope it works.

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  • Done New IP : PW: See Here Will happen sometime between Now & March 22nd, 48hr from now. The server will be offline for a short period, and when it comes back, everything will be saved as it was but will will be operating ever so slightly better and will have a new IP. They won't give me the IP until the server is live, so I'll let you guys know what the new address is the second I find out myself.