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Nov 10

Hi Tree and Jessi, hope real life is treating the both of you well. Glad to see the Tree's world server back up for A18 but I do have a question. Any chance of shrinking the map at all? Took the bi
Apr 30

I reffered 3 friends (two of which already joined atm, Hitbyganja and pufflacocote.) Other one is Blindino which will be joining soon. We like this server and decided to move here, nice community, pe
May 18, 2018

I wanted to learn heavy armor but when I attempt to do so I find that I can not put points into this skill. I chose soldier as my class and assume that military armor is my class armor. The only armor
May 8, 2018

Just giving a shout as I'm getting started.
Apr 7, 2018

So while exploring I found a profession thingy...I am already a hunter so I chose farmer. Problem is I cant make any of the stuff for farmer to gain experience(Farmer Fighting Hoe). I see it in list
Feb 4, 2018

We've been running around the map, and was just wondering where to find radiation powder. Do we have to go to the edge of the world (Radiated death zone) to find it, or do we actually have a chance to
Nov 5, 2017

I fell off the earth tonight and into an infinite loop. I ended up under the game. Then it kicked me out of the game, so whenever i try to log back in, it never loads anything and then disconnects. Pl
Oct 12, 2017

I just lost over 10,000 raw iron because of a random restart. i logged back in and my inventory only had 2 stacks of 1,200 raw iron when i had a full inventory of it. Is this happening to anyone else?
Oct 1, 2017

Ok, so this is the 2nd night in a row I can't log in because I'm stuck on Starting Game. The only permafix for this is a map wipe, but even then it'll recur because electricity is enabled. I get that,
Sep 6, 2017

Long time player, first time poster. Hey everyone!
Aug 11

Hello! I have been playing on your lovely server for some time and about a week ago ran into a very persistent glitch that has been excluding me from your server and about 80% of others as well. I
Nov 21, 2018

A17 wouldn't be as awesome as it is if this server wasn't a thing to experience it on, with the people that share it together and the admins that keep it spinning round as smoothly as possible. Excite
May 12, 2018

Jess, sorry to bother you once again. I was out of the teal zone and looking for a place to use my lcb, crossed some water found a lone house and placed lcb. Got ready to tp home and noticed on the ma
May 6, 2018

Its just for saying Hello all's :) Je parle bcp mieux le francais par contre haha
Mar 16, 2018

For some reason I cant make cement even though I have the perk. I also have the concrete perk and have made it before but now It wont allow me to make cement so I can make concrete. Am I doing it wron
Jan 19, 2018

I cant close this menu...
Oct 21, 2017

Man this bad boy is tall Not so tall once you cut his legs out from under him Six cops of fire... making burnt marshmallow donuts... Just thought this one looked cool with the lighting... Everybody wa
Oct 8, 2017

Minibikes:  Your Ticket to Freedom and the Right to say " Sayonara Suckahs ! " to the zombies... whether they run or not.   Ten+. I've lost my minibike at least 10 times (and recovered it) since 16.
Sep 23, 2017

Currently stuck at starting game screen for some reason can't get into server =(
Sep 5, 2017

Looks like a bug is around where weapons, engines, batteries, etc have their item magically changed to item lvl 1 with no entity dmg and needs repair. Had 4 engines in the high 200's and they are lvl