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May 18, 2018

Have a question regarding armor in the game.


I wanted to learn heavy armor but when I attempt to do so I find that I can not put points into this skill. I chose soldier as my class and assume that military armor is my class armor. The only armor I'm able to craft as a soldier is the lvl 100 cap and chest piece. I mostlikely will never see lvl 100 as a casual player so I guess my question is: Is the only armor I can craft these two pieces? and I guess I'm limited to only armor I can find in game..?

Any insight here would help, thanks!

That being said, if anyone has military or iron armor for sale, I'd be interested...

May 18, 2018


You already have the Heavy Armour skill, but it's stuck at one; we've it locked so you're unable to place points into Heavy Armour and are forced to craft and wear it.


The class gear and Heavy Armour are separate, and only the class gear requires lvl 100 to craft. All the other modded gear is classed as Heavy Armour (Sniper Set, Fireman's Gear, IronMan Armour etc) and pulls it's crafted quality and item durability/stats from your two relevant skills. Don't worry, unlike the classes, none of them require learnt schematics or skills to craft!


Here's a list of all the gear, and it's costs. (ignore the rotation bit, we've got all the recipes unlocked all the time at the moment)


As for the Heavy Armour stats, there is a little bit about it at the bottom of this post. You'll notice we've made it so you'll start crafting at ilvl 350 and work your way up from there. We don't want people to have to grind for Radiation Powder without being able to reap some decent rewards. :)



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