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Feb 3, 2018

Radiation powder


We've been running around the map, and was just wondering where to find radiation powder. Do we have to go to the edge of the world (Radiated death zone) to find it, or do we actually have a chance to find areas inside the world? And how are the chances for surviving?

Feb 3, 2018

Bit of a misleading name, no need to brave the rad zone. :)


Radiation Powder has a chance to drop off of:

  • All Custom Boss Zombies, like the Behemoth, or roaming wasteland bosses. (Demon Archer, Drunken Jim & Werebear)

  • Loot Goblins and OiledUpRunningDeafGuys, whom scoot across the map at high speeds while squealing and screaming. They won't attack back, but have 1k health and take a bit of time to chip down.

  • Air Drops (Lower drop rate, and lower drop count)

Feb 4, 2018

Okay....Not seen any Boss zombies or oiled up screaming naked old men...except Paf off course ;)

Feb 4, 2018

This is our Behemoth here, it's got a bit of a description attached; they're lured in like screamers. anywhere on the map.


I don't have any shots of the most current version of the wasteland bosses, but here is them before they got recoloured, along with the Loot Goblins dancing in the back.

(Right to left: Blue, Yellow and Purple LootGoblins, Werebear, on the ground is Drunken Jim, Demon archer and the last Green LootGoblin)

OiledUpBurningDeafGuy has the model of a standard burning zombie, only way to know it's him is if he runs away from you or you hear any pig squeals. :)


Goblins and OUBDG's can appear anywhere, so keep an eye out. The bosses will stick mainly to the wasteland biomes, given a player doesn't catch their aggro and make a run for it and lure a Boss into a maple forest :D


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