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Sep 4, 2017

Stuck at Starting game screen on load


Currently stuck at starting game screen for some reason can't get into server =(

Sep 4, 2017

Thought I was the only one. Wonder whats up


Sep 4, 2017

yeah.. idk, this stinks tho =( not sure how to get ahold of anyone either.

server prolly needs a restart.


Sep 4, 2017

same here - hit F7 and i can see like i'm in a house where i logged out of and hear hear birds chirping but can't do anything. downgraded to 16.2 and logged into someones server =works, revert back to 16.3 can successfully log into someone's server = works, treesworld - stuck at starting game. even tried deleting my /appdata roaming 7d2d randomgen saves, also tried different player profile.

These seems to be a server side thing.


Sep 4, 2017

I ran through all that too. no one else im talking to can get in either =(


Sep 4, 2017

Still the same for me here =/ Just my luck, got some time to play and alas... Ear Wax lol


Sep 4, 2017

Jess got back to me via email and seems server is good to go again. Thank you Jess! Happy Labor Day everyone

Sep 4, 2017

We were asleep, we have the flu.

We pulled two allnighters getting the server going, and it took quite a bit to wake me.

It was an issue that only needed a restart.


Sorry for the wait guys, have a good weekend. :)

Sep 5, 2017

Hope you guys get better and again, thx for the help!

Sep 23, 2017

doing it again - STUCK at Starting Game.. does it take a server reboot to clear this bug ?


Sep 23, 2017


→ Email pings my phone and will get my attention whether out of the house, sleeping whatever :) ←


Yes, there are several issues with a16 that cause the server (or any server) to lock up. The only way to get everything righted again is to reboot'er.


For some explanation of what is wrong, take a peek at the forums post that got us in contact with tfp's lead quality assurance guy. We're still working hard trying to find all the sources of the issues, but unfortunately a16.3 only made the lockups appear less often, but hasn't come close to correctly all their hard-coded issues.


G'luck fun pimps *knocks on wood*

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  • Hi Tree and Jessi, hope real life is treating the both of you well. Glad to see the Tree's world server back up for A18 but I do have a question. Any chance of shrinking the map at all? Took the bicycle out for a ride today and did the 30km+ loop from north to south. Only found 6 towns and maybe 10 trails on the whole trip (there were 1 or 2 sideroads so I know there is more out there). There are massive swaths of the map that do not have anything at all on them (towns...trails...poi's...nada). I think this will just encourage people to stay in their town and not explore much which means no pvp. :( There are a few huge bodies of water too (although I love the bridges). Just thought I would throw that out there since there are not a ton of people playing atm and it will take quite a long time for me to track them down and be killed by them :) Hope your week is going well. Thanks! Bowmark
  • Hello! I have been playing on your lovely server for some time and about a week ago ran into a very persistent glitch that has been excluding me from your server and about 80% of others as well. I even have a game DEV helping me (SylenThunder) try to assess the glitch, but he needs a copy of the error from the server log and for some reason I AM able to join all of his test servers. Would an admin here be able to send that server log to me or SylenThunder after I fail to join? Thanks in advance.
  • I reffered 3 friends (two of which already joined atm, Hitbyganja and pufflacocote.) Other one is Blindino which will be joining soon. We like this server and decided to move here, nice community, people talking, does not feel lonely and also admin presence, good job on the settings especially with the Lose: Toolbelt only, this makes this game so much better and no pvp realm has it. And walking zombies, thank god, they already ruff enough. Thank you !