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Jun 5

Create your first forums account on and earn 2 in-game votepoints. Comment on this post after making your account. - Please leave your steam name, if you're not using it. Refer-A-Frien
Feb 10

We'll be running Navezgane during ex, but will be returning to RWG upon a17's hard release We're running true Vanilla-Build - We want to see how well things play, and where the balancing needs lay b
Feb 4, 2018

Beware my new creation the Behemoth can now be found scouting the map. They will act as a rare screamer spawn drawn in by map heat (i.e. forges). Behemoths are large and in charge with 8K HP, a 5 bloc
Oct 6, 2017

Return of The Great Pumpkin, now ft. PumpkinPatch Kids - For the month of October in celebration of Hallowe’en, our old friend will be wandering the wastelands with the rest of his fellow boss brethr
Aug 7, 2017

Happening tomorrow! Aug 8th, 7PM EST Everything is being wiped excluding your Zcoin & VotePoint balances. All server settings and mods will be what you're used to so far this alpha, excluding some ver
Jul 18, 2017

The teal zone is taking too much time to fully implement at launch, and we want you guys to be able to get online asap So, that being said, do your best to keep an eye on where you are and try not to
May 9, 2017

This has been long overdue, and we are happy to announce the start of our Prefab Competition! The end goal is for you all to create builds that would be suitable for us to save and spawn it into the w
May 3, 2017

Test your parkour skills and head to /spawn and check out the jump event I just made. First person to make it to the end will find a chest full of 7500 Dukes, 40 varying Radiation Powder, 2 PvP Vitami
Mar 5, 2017

Saturday March 4th @ 10pm EST Corn's been working hard for a long time now getting this all polished up, and it's finally ready for everyone to take a side and murder each other until one team stands
Feb 7, 2017

For a full breakdown of what each class can craft, check out our discussion on Steam. With the update, there are two new things added to the skill tree for each class, a 1/100 Armour skill and a se
May 1

Voting is a great way to support our community and helps to spread the word about the server, drawing in new players who are seeking out top 7dtd communities. We currently have two methods of voting:
May 5, 2018

♦Join us in Celebrating our Server's First Birthday - By Murdering Eachother!♦ You'll show up with no inventory, naked and afraid. Event starts at 8pm Saturday night, and will continue until one playe
Nov 4, 2017

...and it's bigger than ever! It's been long awaited this alpha, but it's finally in! The only Non-PvP trading center on the map. Our mall is in the PurpleZone , therefore no killing will be allow
Sep 3, 2017

Salutations Survivalist  Sorry for taking so long to send this out. Twas a late day at work and I just finally have some free time. As I am sure most of you are aware of by now A16.3 has finally arriv
Jul 23, 2017

Added/Reimplemented Content: Loot Goblins - They run away from you screaming, won’t attack and have high health. Chase them across the map to cash in on their goodies, incl Radiation Powder . Behemo
Jul 17, 2017

Alpha 16 officially hit yesterday! When is the server getting reset/updated so we can start playing again? I want to start working towards electricity on my favorite server :D
May 3, 2017

Salutations Survivalists! Here we are once again; finding ourselves banging our heads off the wall, waiting for A16 to release. It’s clearly apparent at this time that TFP have missed the early April
Mar 12, 2017

The maze is now open for those seeking an adventure! Look for the giant sign that says "MAZE" southeast of the /spawn area. Drop down the hole to begin - don't worry, you won't break your legs. Read t
Feb 22, 2017

So guys after having all the special loot recipes open for Christmas and some consideration, we have decided to switch it up for the new year. We will now be on a 2 week cycle instead of four i.e. sp
Jan 15, 2017

Come February 7th we will have been operating for one year. It has been a good year overall, we took a leave of absence for a bit and yet the server pushed through. We have grown large and continue t