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Jul 13, 2017

Alpha 16!!


Alpha 16 officially hit yesterday! When is the server getting reset/updated so we can start playing again? I want to start working towards electricity on my favorite server :D

Jul 13, 2017

As soon as possible.™

Tfp chose an odd time to release the long-awaited-mythical-beast-of-an-alpha, Thursday morning at 1am. We've got some work to do still matching up the old to new, it's both good and bad that they've released the last experimental as the finished copy, because we know all of our weapons/armour/items are working and they haven't decided to make us redo any work we'd done over the past few weeks in preparation for the release. :)

Tree's still got to work this week (..unfortunately, lol), so we'll be clocking as much overtime as we can to try and get a16 live for you guys asap.

Keep an eye on steam for guesstimates at a finish-line, but once we know for sure when we'll be ready we'll try and give everyone a few hours notice and post here, on steam, on twitter, spam your emails, etc etc as best as we can so everyone has a fair head's-up to have the ability to get online for the "grand re-opening".

Wish us speed and luck. ^.^


**Note: Sever is still live running a15, we do our testing on private dedis, so if anyone wants to mess around and blow things up to let off some steam and kill some boredom during the wait; feel free guys.

Jul 17, 2017


Alrighty guys, Status Update Time!

We’ve got about 90% of the custom prefabs in, all spawning sleepers. We’ve got the beginnings of our world set up; we’ve chosen a seed and where the new equivalent of our teal “0,0 Hub” will be. All our old mods are 100% converted and about 90% balanced and fully tested.

That being said, we’ve decided it’s too late at night to announce a launch tonight with enough time for us to both finish, and for everyone to get fair warning ahead of time. (...and sleep before they go to work, lol) So, We’re going to take this time to finish up the last several hours of work we have here before we decide to head to bed, and take the time to rigorously test and polish what we’ve done so far so the chance of any hiccups plummet. Since we’ll have a little more time, we also may be able to polish up and add sleepers to the last few remaining custom builds we have so that they’ll be able to also be freely spawning into the world.

{Hopefully Binding, Pending No Disasters} Server Start Time of July 17th @ 6pm EST!

Hope to see you all tomorrow! ^.^

New Posts
  • We'll be running Navezgane during ex, but will be returning to RWG upon a17's hard release We're running true Vanilla-Build - We want to see how well things play, and where the balancing needs lay before redigging into modding; a17 has brought too much new content for us not to give it a good ol' study and testplay. The Gimmies, Zcoin & VoteShops will be disabled during ex Most /commands not related to shops and gimmies will still be available Claims are 75x75 w/ a 150 deadzone, for the time being Loot respawn is being lowered to 5 from 7 days, for the time being Block durability is being lowered to 100% from 150% While you play - Please keep in mind that we want your feedback! That being said, we want everyone to play their hearts out for a bit! All the while gathering and holding onto their opinions and ideas in order to conglomerate more serious lists of: balancing notes (loot, xp, perks & skills) wants & needs for the vote, zcoin & gimmie shops previous modded content you'd like to see return general opinions on all newly added tfp content - what needs nerfing, boosting, higher or lower spawn rates etc etc We'll take a handful polls after getting in your feedback, see where the community's desires lay on a variety of options going forth with the hard alpha drop to come. Please keep in mind, this is experimental . There will be at minimum 1 wipe at the end of this, and potentially more to come as the experimental alpha build unfolds. Just consider every hour of fun had during this time as an hour of research towards bettering our next hopefully 5k+ day a17 rwg map. *knocks on wood*
  • ...and it's bigger than ever! It's been long awaited this alpha, but it's finally in! The only Non-PvP trading center on the map. Our mall is in the PurpleZone , therefore no killing will be allowed. This also means no chilling here on Horde Nights. Head to the shed in the backyard at /spawn to teleport over. We've got plenty of vending machines available to rent, and at a cheaper rate than those pesky NPCs have been charging you. :) There are also a couple NPC traders themselves occupying a few registers around the island, so keep you eyes out for them all. ** Machines will be made available on each floor of the shop. They will be opened in a rotating progression as to fill out each level equally, anywhere you spot two stacked potted plants is a slot in which a vending machine will eventually fill. If you're looking to advertise your wares, head over to The Auction House forums section and make a post!
  • Return of The Great Pumpkin, now ft. PumpkinPatch Kids - For the month of October in celebration of Hallowe’en, our old friend will be wandering the wastelands with the rest of his fellow boss brethren. Along with usual boss loot, both TGP and PPKs will drop Pumpkin Powder , this powder is used in increments of 150 to craft a lootable object you place for a single-use lottery of: BoobyPrize of Diamonds, 50 Powders of a single colour and a Rare Chance At A Profession Book ! ENDS NOVEMBER 13th! ______________________________________________________________________ Changes to starter belt - No more ironic solo coin, took the frames out of the HitToOpen, slightly less dukecoins in the HTO and added a lil’ smoke. Lowered Radiation Powder Cost on: → Modded Pistols Parts (varying degrees) → Adjusted Sniper piece prices → Sniper, Firefighter and Suit of Armour Sets → Magic Wand → War Spear Upped Radiation Powder Cost on: → Certain ironman armour pieces → Adjusted Sniper parts price Adjusted stats on Fire FIghter, Chainmail, Sniper and IronMan armour. All are now competitive if not better than Class Amour making each set worth the cost to craft again. Fixed - Regular crossbow once again can fire flaming bolt New → Heavy Armour Skill → Heavy Armour Crafting Skill All modded armour (excluding class armour) will now use your Heavy Armour Crafting Skill when calculating your crafted item’s quality level. Skill - Crafting: 1-25 | Quality 350-400 25-50 | Quality 400-450 50-75 | Quality 450-500 75-100 | Quality 500-550 Skill - Repair Quality Loss: 1-25 | Quality Loss: 1.7% -1% 25-50 | Quality Loss: 1% - 0.68% 50-75 | Quality Loss: 0.68% - 0.44% 75-100 | Quality Loss: 0.44% - 0%