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Aug 12, 2017

My asshole cat


Edited: Aug 12, 2017

He's a literal rescue, as I had to pull him out of a dog's mouth. How does he show his thanks? He constantly rubs his gross open wound on my face lol.

Love that cat, but I hate that cat.

Willie here, btw.

Aug 12, 2017

Our one cat, was pulled from a wheel-well, then another, then another as he tried to run up into the engines of cars in a mcdonalds parking lot over and over again.

Tree went out for breakfast, which is 5 mins away, then an hour later came back with a little black cat the size of a hamster. "You said we can't get another cat...but..."

That cat now shows Tree his appreciation by being clinically-obsessed with me and scared to shit of his savior. ;) - Like I've heard your cat does, he also, snores like a freggin' champ...sometimes while awake.

Aug 12, 2017

Oh the snoring cat is a different cat. I'll have to get a pic of him, phone's screwed though.

Snoring cat (Oscar) was also in a fight with a dog, but he was actually winning lol. Sliced the dog's nose clean open, dog ran away screaming (which is what alerted me), and as he came back I kicked it in the hind leg. Mostly reflex, and I forgot I was wearing my steel toes from work, sooooo had to pay two vet bills.

Worth it though. Oscar's actually an awesome cat. Keeps to himself, sleeps at my feet, but absolutely HAS to be touching me when he goes to sleep. So I wake up with my legs pinned most mornings. He's quite a large cat. >.>

Oct 7, 2017

Beautiful Siamese !