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The Tavern

Looking for new players to base near/with?

Jul 6

Hey folks. Just joined the server last night (Mayor ODoyle). Looking forward to getting back into 7D2D. That is, after whatever fresh hell is happening in the game right now.
Mar 26, 2017

Just a quick hello from a new player, new to the server, pretty new still to the game - know most of the basics, but still make stupid mistakes :) Anyway, good day to you all, see you ingame!
Feb 7, 2017

...and people have been saying caves don't exist, or are too boring this alpha. I won't say where, but there is a chest, somewhere, in a naturally spawned cave out in the world, just full of free trea
Jan 24, 2017

Have some suggestions for Music Bot? Post your play list here for us to review and we will do our best to accommodate every ones taste. :) Remember to rock out with your .... out and jam out with your
Jan 6, 2017

Corn's gone and built a nice little chess set. Play a full round against him and earn 5k dukes, 10k if you manage to win. [South, South-West of Spawn]
Jan 3, 2017

come to 3000 N 3500 W (location of the resort public zgate is made) for pvp also cheap guns
Sep 4, 2017

Looking for some fun folks to join with, let me know!
Feb 26, 2017

Hi there, I'm QwertyPoet in game, I'm newish to the server, finally got around to making a forums account. So far this server is by far the best 7 days server I've ever seen. Thank you for maintaini
Feb 1, 2017

i put 3 600 snipers 8 other random purple snipers, 420k dukes and 3k 7.62 ammo. they are hidden in a city somewhere on the map. they are all in the same city but not all in the same container.the fi
Jan 15, 2017

Corn has once again out done himself and gave us some nice casual board games to play when you need a break from the game, while staying in game!!!! Come check them out just SW of spawn atm and will
Jan 5, 2017

So ye come to seek me booty eh. Well I got a wee bit high and seem to forget where I buried the blasted thing. All I have is this here photo but silly me I got to high and forgot where I left me leg.