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Jul 6

Hey, new player here.


Edited: Jul 6

Hey folks. Just joined the server last night (Mayor ODoyle). Looking forward to getting back into 7D2D. That is, after whatever fresh hell is happening in the game right now.

New Posts
  • Looking for some fun folks to join with, let me know!
  • Just a quick hello from a new player, new to the server, pretty new still to the game - know most of the basics, but still make stupid mistakes :) Anyway, good day to you all, see you ingame!
  • Hi there, I'm QwertyPoet in game, I'm newish to the server, finally got around to making a forums account. So far this server is by far the best 7 days server I've ever seen. Thank you for maintaining it, look forward to playing and exploring this server further. So far I'm just setting up shop out in the boonies.